Saturday, February 20, 2010

A's Favorite Food

Tuesday my knee was hurting and I could barely walk on it so I decided to make A hotdogs for dinner since it was easy. She ate one and says, "Hotdog?". I fix her one more and and again she asks, "Hotdog?" So I fixed her one more and she ate a little over half of that one.

Wednesday I got home late from work so I fixed her a couple hotdogs so she could eat before church. She had both hotdogs in her little mouth. She was cute, but she gagged on them so I had to take one away till she finished the other. Then she ate some leftover mac'n cheese.

Thursday N had fixed hambuger helper for dinner before he left for work so all I had to do was reheat it. We walked in the door and A walks over to the fridge and says, "Hotdog!" I said, "No, Daddy made us hambuger helper." "Helper?" she replies. I heated some for her and gave it to her and she says, "Hotdog!" I told her it was helper and she needed to eat it. She did and then helped me finish up the rest of the helper.

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